Guru ji Dharamveer Attri


Guru ji Dharamveer Attri, vastu advisor
              Guru ji Dharamveer Attri


  Guru ji Dharamveer attri, aged about 46, Post Graduate in Science, working in a Home Appliances Company from last 26 years as Manufacturing Head.

I am practicing as Vastu Advisor from last decade, after doing a vast research on cosmic energies in our environmental surroundings.

Before becoming a Vastu Advisor, it was my passion to research on cosmic energies because I belong to a Brahmin family, a descendant of Rishi Attri. So, I was always surrounded by Hindu beliefs and rituals, which always created curiosity in my mind regarding many questions and testimonies of our forefathers about the presence of divine power in the universe.

In my late 30’s as my curiosity increased, I started my research on these energies. And I found out many answers out of my curiosity, too many ever unanswered questions. The answers I got resulted into more questions which were to be answered and it eventually forced me into studying these topics deeply in all the 4 Vedas and its shrutis and smirities of different rishis.



I found out :

Proof of presence of Cosmic Energies.

Conversion of energies by Yantras.

Presence of Divine Power.

The significance of Directions and their associated lords and respective energies.

The significance of Traditional Vedic prayers as per Vedas.

The significance of energy generated by the recitation of Mantras.

The significance of Vastu Pursha and its Mandhala.

The significance of Vedic rituals like :

  • Why we join our hands while praying?
  • Why we visit the temple?
  • The significance of temple bell hanging in the center of the dome of the temple.
  • The significance of Tilak on the forehead.
  • The significance of Auspicious Wrist Band (mauli / klava).
  • The significance of Brahminical Thread (Yagyopaveeta / Janeu).
  • The significance of Shikha and many more.

These all point discussed above have a relevant effect on our lives and our surroundings. During my research, I came on one topic which is very remarkable in our daily life and that’s how I became a Vastu Researcher.

Now, after all my research and combination of Vedic and scientific knowledge, I started practicing Vedic Vastu. Now, from last 4 years, I am practicing Vedic Vastu by visiting various people and balancing their energies to harmonize their places for their social and professional growth.

God is Great  !!  🙂

I don’t know where is my destiny, but I believe in him that the job deputed to me will definitely be his order for serving his souls.

Feel Free to ask anything. Will, be happy to hear from you



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guru ji Dharamveer Attri
Dharamveer Sharma
guru ji Dharamveer Attri
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