Red Coral (Moonga)


Red Coral (Moonga)

 2,400.00 8,000.00

  • Good Quality Moonga
  • 100% Original with natural inclusion

Note:- Test Certificate can be obtained by paying ₹ 500

Disclaimer:- Picture may vary from original product



Red Coral Gemstone | An Introduction | Red Coral benefits

Mars is the chief of the assembly of Gods. Red Coral is the Gemstone of Mars and is given to a native so that the gem will help him overcome all adversaries and enemies and emerge victorious and valorous.

Mars is manly, commanding, violent, and gutsy. He is a warrior and the chief of the assembly of Gods. He governs muscular system, blood and behavior. Mars rides a ram, symbolizing muscular strength, combative nature, and fire. In his hands he holds a sword of control, a shield of security, a lotus of purity, and a mace of strength.


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