posted by Guruji Dharamveer Attri on 08/02/2019

Though Your child is intelligent enough in curricular activities , but not in studies, do you know why ?

Dear Friends!!

If your child is capable enough to learn from you and surrounding environment and taking positions in other activities instead of studies, do you think he is not capable?

No, the answer is – not at all.

Because if the brain is developed enough to grab the things, that  means the brain is well developed.

It  all depends upon the environment of your living place. Children are spending most of his time in school and home. Sitting arrangements in School does matters but not as much as the Home.

So, Look  into the environment of your living place. Some of the reasons may be as under:

  1. Study space/room may not be in proper direction.
  2. Facing of the Child while studying may not be in proper direction.
  3. Your child may not be sleeping in right direction.
  4. Prayer place / Mandir may not be in the house or not in the right place.
  5. There may be cut in plot / flat in east or north east direction.
  6. May be the main entry is from South / South west / West  corner of the plot / flat / house.

Keep these things in mind and ask us for more information. Our consultation is Free!


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