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No Job / No Promotion / Downfall in business | Vastu Cosmos | Gururji Dharamveer Attri | Vastu Scholar | Astrology Expert
No Job / No Promotion / Downfall in business | Vastu Cosmos | Gururji Dharamveer Attri | Vastu Scholar | Astrology Expert

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I chose this subject because 80% people are suffering with this type of problem.

First of all, you should know  that if your present is perfect, your future will be perfect too. Now  coming to the point  – Not Getting Job or Not having Promotion or Downfall in your Business etc.

There are two parameters in this regard  to be taken care:

  1. Your Birth Chart       
  2.  Your Environment of living (VASTU of House or Office) .
Birth Chart

Birth Chart

 1. Your Birth Chart

There is a possibility that you are affected by malefic planets, which is a subject of Astrology, you may consult a Good Astrologer and get remedies of nullify the effect of malefic planets, or Contact  Us with your Date Of Birth (DD,MM,YYYY) Birth time with (AM,PM), Birth place (with village/city, District, State) we will be happy to guide you.

Environment of Living

Environment of Living

2. Your Environment of Living (your House, Business Place, Shop)

There is a possibility that you are not living in proper vibrations or unbalanced energies which confuses  you and affects your decision making ability because, if you are living in good & pleasant environment, your thoughts will be positive . For example, if you go to a temple you will feel  good  and calm, and if you go to garbage yard you will feel like going away from that place because the bad smell will suffocate you and on that very moment  you can’t think about anything else except that foul smell coming from garbage dump  ,it means that negative vibrations totally change your thoughts and its scientifically proven that our environment affects our thinking abilities.

Now following are some of the Vastu Aspects which may be the reason for negative vibrations in your house:

  1. Your Pooja Sthan /Mandir/ Worship Place should be in perfect location as per Vastu. Visit Vastu for HomeVastu for OfficeVastu for Factory for further details.
  2. Place of Master Bedroom should be in proper location.
  3. May be NORTH side of your house don’t have any window/door or they are less in count as compared  to SOUTH side of the house.
  4. May be the toilets are in EAST/N-E(North-East) /NORTH direction of the house.
  5. May be EAST side of your house  is blocked.
  6. May be the slope of your House /Office floor is towards SOUTH and WEST.
  7. May be the plot of your house is “Sinha Mukha” (Broader from the entrance & narrower at the back).
  8. May be the Staircase is in N-E(North-East) direction.

As per my observations, these are the major defects which leads you to Loss of Money & Peace. Check it out yourself or Consult  Us, we will be happy to  answer your questions.

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