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Sleepless Nights without reason | Vastu Cosmos | Guruji Dharmveer Attri | Vastu Scholar | Astrology Expert
Sleepless Nights without reason | Vastu Cosmos | Guruji Dharmveer Attri | Vastu Scholar | Astrology Expert

Hello Friends!!


Some people are suffering with this type of problem.

There are two parameters in this regard  to be Explore:

  1. Your Birth Chart       
  2.  Your Environment of Bedroom

 1. Your Birth Chart

There is a possibility that you are affected by malefic planets, and due to these planets, you may suffering from this type of disease,  you may consult a Good Astrologer and get remedies for nullify the effect of malefic planets, or Contact  Us with your Date Of Birth (DD,MM,YYYY) Birth time with (AM,PM), Birth place (with village/city, District, State) we will be happy to guide you.

2. Your Environment of Bedroom

 Now following are some of the Vastu Aspects which may be the reason for Sleepless Nights in your house:

There is a possibility that you are sleeping/ living not  in proper vibrations or in “Agni” corner of the house, or sleeping other than S-W(South-West) corner of the house. Because in Agni corner, there is very high level of Fire Energy, and one will feel like roasted, and feel lot of mental pressures. S-W(SouthWest) place is the perfect place for head of the family to sleep and if he is not sleeping in the specific direction, he/ she will feel like  stressed out.

There are some more reasons which  also matters for this situation as under.

  1. Mobile below the pillow or head side while sleeping.
  2. Any metal items on the headboard of the bed.
  3. Keeping Legs towards the SOUTH side while sleeping.
  4. Bed may be made up of Iron / Metal.
  5. Any Electrical Gadgets placed on the top of the head while sleeping.
  6. Any Metal utensil/machine part/electrical gadget kept in the bed box on which you are sleeping.
  7. May be your kitchen is not in S-E(South-East) side of the house.
  8. Pooja place or any  statue of worship is parallel or below from  the height of the bed.
  9. May be the bed is under the horizontal beam of the house structure.
  10. A vertical Pillar may be present in “Brahm Sthan” of the house.

As per my observations, these are the major defects which leads you face Sleepless Nights Check it out yourself or Consult  Us, we will be happy to  answer your questions.

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