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Vastu for Factory | Vastu Cosmos | Guruji Dharamveer Attri | Vastu Scholar | Astrology Expert

In fact, establishing industries should take care of the principles of Vaastu. The atmosphere of the industry has been filled with positive energy. If the principles of Vaastu are followed, there is no problem in getting more production, sales growth, flow flow.

 Whatever the industry, the principles of Vastu are of the same nature, only a slight variation is needed. They should be kept in mind while preparing the building, building the building, installing machinery, expelling products and sending it to the customers. . Regardless of the methods of production or process flow etc. in different industries, there is a great difference in the broad principles of Vastu Shastra.

like :

1. The underground water tank should be in the northeast direction.

2. More and more windows and doors should be east and north, and at least should be towards south and west side.

3. There should be more open spaces in the east and north than in the west and south.

4. The slope of the floor should be east, north and north-east.

5. Thick walls should be constructed on the south and west side of the building and there should be thin walls towards north and east.

6. Stairs must be in the south or west direction.

7. There should be heavy machinery in the south-west direction.

8. The overhead water tank should be in the southwest corner.

9. Toilets should be kept in north-western or western corners.

10. Administrative offices and other office blocks can be constructed in the North, East.

11. Staff Quarter, Outhouse should be made in the north-western corner.

12. The basement should be constructed in the east, north or north-east corner of the building.

13. Heavy machinery should be kept in the southwest, west and south regions.

14. There should be a place of temple or worship in the north-eastern direction.

15. Brahma place should always be unloaded.

16. In the southeast corner, there should be a hot area or burner, boiler, oven, generator, furnace transformer, fireplace.

17. The scrap yard garbage dump area should not be in the north or northeast corner of the building, nor should the trash, north or east corner should always be kept blank and clean.

18. There should not be any pillar on the place of “marm sthan “of the plot.

19. Any number of columns or beams should be even.

 20. The machine or the worker should not work under the beam.

21. While working, all staff workers should face to the east , North or North East.

22. The finished goods should be stored in the north to northwest corner of the building and should Dispatch be done from – North,  East or North-East direction.

23. Workers should not have to come from the South direction while entering or exiting the factory.

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