Ans : You will find many problems  like ,You may face loss of Money for no reason, Disputes between Family members, Suffering from incurable diseases, Unstable mind for no reason, Less Income, Frustration, Insufficient Results, False cases, Litigation, Drug addiction Etc. Etc.

Ans: Family members can Suffer from Diseases related to Stomach or other serious diseases .

Ans: Loss in business, Loss of Money, Family members without Job or Business, Disputes in family, Confusions all around.

Ans: No, Its a myth, Vastu is a science of nature, and science don’t consider any religion, it is for all human beings, but undoubtedly Hindus are eager to do and believes in power of Almighty God, and Cosmic Energies.

Ans: 50% rectifications can be done by minor Re-location of the things, and another 20% by minor demolition, and after receiving better results by rectifying total 70% one can prepare himself mentally to demolish the wrong things. But, I assure you, that you ll definitely get positive results and make your mind to harmonize your house perfectly.

Ans: Financial losses, Mentally tension to the Head/Owner of the family.

Ans: Vastu is based on 5 tatvas ( WaterEarthFireAirSpace) and 8 directions ( EastSouth-East,SouthSouth-westWestNorth-WastNorthNorth East ).

Ans: Good Question, Yes, It will cure, take it as , you have serious injury on your body and it needs operation but you want to get treatment by medicine to cure that disease. Bottom line the final cure is the harmonisation of the the house by rectification or by yantras.

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