Vastu is a science of balancing Cosmic Energies and harmonize the living place by implementing and following the principles of Vastu. Each direction have its own lord and every direction has a greh(planet) associated with it. Some directions delivers auspicious energies and some are inauspicious. There are 8 directions in total as under:

East (Purva)
South-East (Agnay)
South (Dakshin)
South-West (Naritya)
West (Paschim)
North-West (Vavya)
North (Uttar)
North-East (Ishaana)
Center (Akash)

Every direction has some principles, like temple should be in N-E (north-east) direction of the house.Living room should be in S-W(south-west) direction of the house, toilets should be in N-W(north-west) direction. And center of the house should be left free from walls & pillars.

Now, there are seven kundlini chakras (energy recipients) present in our body are as under:

Kundlini Chakras | Vastu Cosmos
Kundlini Chakras | Vastu Cosmos

Kundlini Chakras :

1. Mooladhara
2. Swadhishthana
3. Manipura
4. Anhat
5. Vishudh
6. Ajna
7. Sehstrara

These are the doors for energy in our body which receive cosmic energies and heals our body & give energies to the respective controlling areas and support us to live healthy.

Now, Environment where we live, matters a lot for our daily working & life which means that if we live in bad environment or negative harmful energies we will get full of negative thoughts and if we live in a good environment, we will be energized by positivity.

Hence, there is a lot Significance of Vastu.

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