VASTU is a sanskrit word which means “VAS” for living “TU” for system.

Vastu is a vedic system of architecture & design from ancient times as witnessed by shruti & smritis of various rishis written by them for mankind.

Vastu is a science of balancing cosmic energies in a place for living. A story for Vastu lord name Vastu Purusha written in “Matasya Purana” which is one of our ancient puranas.

Vastu Purusha | Vastu Cosmos | Guruji Dharamveer Attri | Vastu Scholar | Astrology Expert
Vastu Purusha | Vastu Cosmos

Birth of Vastu Purusha – the diety of a place

According to the Matasya Purana, lord Brahma was experimenting to create some creatures while starting to create the universe. He thought that a human being would be the best option to start with and finally created a man. Being created by lord Brahma, he was huge in size and had exception powers to grow minute by minute and he started growing.

Eventually his hunger also increased according to his size and he started eating everything which came in his way and finally he increased himself in such a size that his shadow had a permanent ellipse on the earth.

It panicked all the devas and they rushed to lord Shiva, “the destroyer” and lord Vishnu, “the preserver” to resolve the issue. lord Shiva & lord Vishnu along with all other devas rushed to lord Brahma who created that terrible creature and asked to stop him. But that man was too huge and powerful that Brahma alone could not overpower him. So he requested lord Shiva, Vishnu, all devas & Asht Dikpalas (gods of 8 directions) to help him to destroy that creature.

Then all requested devas along with Brahma grabbed the man and overpowered him and pinned the man against the ground with his Head in N-E (North East) and legs in S-W (south west) and faced him downward to the ground.

During this event lord Brahma was sitting on the center of that man and held that man down on the ground with all devas.

That man started crying and asked Brahma ” Why this treatment to me? What is my fault?”. Brahmareplied “I know its nit your fault, but you have become a terror for the universe created by me. so you have to be stopped “. Then Brahma thought this was not his mistake and he should not be destroyed. Then he said “You will not be destroyed, you will be immortal and now onwards, all mortal human beings will worship you before building any kind of structure on the earth. You can trouble those people who don’t worship you or disturb you.“

After that lord Brahma named him “Vastu Purusha” and gave him the boon. From then onwards according to the Brahma’s boon Vastu Purusha is worshiped before starting construction of any structure on the ground.

The position of the other devas who pinned him down sitting at different locations is patterned as Vastu Mandala.

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